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KYG Y2K: A Millennial Nostalgia Podcast

Nov 23, 2020

I Hate Infinite Jest. Paul Deichmann of The Offer Podcast returns! Check out his stuff on @pauldeichmann and He and Jesse discuss whether Infinite Jest is actually funny (it is...Jesse's just an idiot), discuss Jesse's latest hatemail, DFW/Infinite Jest Superfans, and what happens when we die....

Nov 16, 2020

I Hate Infinite Jest. Jesse's fiance Perri joins the podcast to discuss bad role models, different types of love, and how DFW and IJ are really like late 90's boyband, LFO.

Find Jesse on Twitter @JesseDraham (also on Facebook, Insta, Reddit, and Gmail) and be sure to vote for the next book we'll cover on the podcast!

Nov 9, 2020

I Hate Infinite Jest. Jesse is joined by nobody, because his scummy guest no-showed and then blocked him. Jesse discusses the scummy guest who no-showed and then blocked him, problems with nerds and victim mentalities, and terrible things fathers do.

Don't find the guest anywhere, because f*** that guy. 


Nov 2, 2020

I Hate Infinite Jest. Jesse is joined by Dave Laird of the Great Concavity podcast! They discuss the AFR in Footnote 304, minority representation in IJ, Incandenza family dynamics, and that lovable scumbag Randy Lenz.

Listen to the Great Concavity podcast! @dave__laird @concavityshow

@jessedraham @mrjezzicho...