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KYG Y2K: A Millennial Nostalgia Podcast

Sep 28, 2021

We cover pages 254-323 of Dune with comedian Casey Kuftic where we discuss spice vs. adrenochrome, drinking your pee and poop, where Captain Planet fits into the Dune universe, Paul's crush on his mom, and Fremen's as dirty ninja hippies.

Sep 21, 2021

Comedian Samantha Padgett joins the cast to discuss: Dr. Yueh as a mumble rapper, smelly book stores, and whether Bene Gesserits are just kinda slutty?

@samanthaiamantha @jessedraham

Sep 14, 2021

We're still reading Dune! This week we're joined by Evan & Caleb from @ReadingDune podcast! Pages 99-185

Sep 8, 2021

WE'RE GOING TO ARRAKIS Y'ALL! Comic artist Robin Parrish (@reparrishcomics) joins me to discuss the depths of Frank Herbert's "Dune"! Join us for the next 9 weeks as we read along with the sci-fi classic.