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KYG Y2K: A Millennial Nostalgia Podcast

Jun 28, 2021

90s Kids Movies Months comes to an epic conclusion with 1993's classic, "The Sandlot". Jesse is joined by Matt Peoples (@mpeoples23) and John Montague (@montaguecomedy) of the Handsome Idiots podcast. They discuss: Yeah Yeah grew into a Jersey Shore bro. One of these kids almost certainly died in Vietnam. Was Benny the...

Jun 22, 2021

Kill Your Gods Podcast takes a satirical watch of the 1994 film Little Rascals for 90s Kids Movie Month. Comedians Jesse Draham and John Deary discuss: things we repeated from movies that got us in trouble, the He Man Woman Haters as proto incels, and HOLY HELL THAT'S DONALD TRUMP AS WALDO'S DAD. @jessedraham @oh_deary

Jun 14, 2021

Jesse is joined by comedian Jake Mattera (@JakeMattera) to discuss Little Giants! Topics include: Did Rick Moranis' wife leave him for another woman? Is Ed O'Neill's character merely Al Bundy's first marriage? HOW DID WE NOT KNOW SPIKE WAS ON A REALITY SHOW?!

Jake has his debut comedy album coming out on Helium...