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KYG Y2K aka Why I Aughts Ta: An Early 2000's Podcast

Jun 1, 2021


ARE YOU READY?!?!?!! Our long awaited deep dive into the best and worst of Nu Metal has finally arrived! Comedian/Writer/Grindcore Vocalist (Bandit) Gene Meyer joins Jesse as we discuss Korn's Faget, Ball Tongue, All in the Family, and Word Up, Limp Bizkit's Nookie, Stuck, Hot Dog, and No...

May 17, 2021

Comedian Dru Montana (@drumontana47) thinks the Beatles are overrated. How can anyone under 30 be the best anything? Jesse makes him listen to some songs to challenge him. It doesn't work.

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Jan 11, 2021

Jesse is joined by actor, claymation guru, and all around pop punk music fan Joe Gariffo (@joegariffo @claynationshow) to discuss Simple Plan, Mest, and Blink 182. We discuss the creepiness of grown men still writing about high school, sexism in pop punk, horrible songwriting, and....THE SINGER FROM MEST STABBED A GUY...