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KYG Y2K: An Early 2000's Podcast

Nov 30, 2021

I'm taking the week off. Enjoy this compilation of every single song I wrote and recorded for this show's original run of I Hate Infinite Jest

2:45 Eschaton

4:30 Crocodile's Kiss

6:10 We Didn't Start the Pile

8:10 Cruising Down a Memory Lane

9:30 Prettiest Girl In Rehab

11:50 Lenz Psycho Killer

15:15 Gately's A Hero

18:05 Feeling Everything and Nothing at All

20:35 Stice of the Tiger

22:45 One Tough Nun

25:25 This Train Is Bound For Your Legs

27:50 Because I (Hal) Got High

30:45 Mushy Faced Girl

32:45 Wraith's Lament