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KYG Y2K: A Millennial Nostalgia Podcast

Jul 30, 2020

I Hate Infinite Jest. Jesse is joined by comedian and podcaster Neil Wood, host of the Nerds with Words Podcast.  We discuss the pros and cons of cannibalism, the horror of tourists, and the unabated anguished screams at a blueberry festival.

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Jul 27, 2020

I Hate Infinite Jest. Jesse is joined by writer/musician Stevie McFly (steviexmcfly) .  We discuss DFW's depiction of black characters, heroin withdrawal, the grotesque appearance of Mario Incandenza, and breadcrumb storytelling.

Word of the week: "Neurasthenic".

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Jul 19, 2020

I Hate Infinite Jest. Jesse is joined by Charlotte Mark (@charlottejmark on Instagram) to discuss wanting to murder Geoffrey Day, the usefulness of cliches, Alcoholics Anonymous, Hamlet, and David Foster Wallace's views on women.

Also! Jesse's Mom is upset he referred to his background as "white trash".  He feels bad....

Jul 13, 2020

I Hate Infinite Jest. Today Jesse is joined by cartoonist Robin Parrish.  She's a big time DFW fan who's gonna school Jesse on what a dumb-dumb he is.  We discuss odd grief tactics, connections between IJ and Brothers Karamazov (Alyosha is MARIO?!?!), superstitions, and a shared love of Ari Aster.  Robin makes comics...

Jul 6, 2020

I Hate Infinite Jest. Happy Interdependence Day! "Footnotes" is the first in our side series of DFW's other works.  Starting with This is Water with guest Perri Lerner (activist, writer, Jesse's girlfriend).  We listen to TiW in it's entirety, pausing to discuss Kurt Vonnegut, the "genre" of commencement speeches,...